Biomineral Haircare for All

Best of the earth and sea.

Fine Hair

Amp up fine hair with South Beach Style Haircare’s Sea Strength line and Sea Spray Texture Volume Enhancer.

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Curly Hair

Give curls some love with South Beach Style Haircare’s Sea Spa line and Coral Control Curl Enhancer/Smoothing Elixir.

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Damaged Hair

Indulge damaged hair with weekly use of South Beach Style Haircare’s Reef Repair Deep Treatment.

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Hair Secret Number #1

Change every three.

Every third purchase, try a different shampoo/conditioner. Your hair gets used to products and over time, they become less effective.

Hair Secret Number #2

Be gentle!

Hair is fragile, so be gentle with it when cleansing and drying. After cleansing and conditioning, blot your hair dry with a towel and don’t tousle, tug or rub hair.

Hair Secret Number #3

Lean forward.

When rinsing out shampoo or conditioner, lean forward. Hair is driest on the ends. By rinsing with your head tilted forward, you get more product delivered to those thirsty ends!

Optimum cleansing, conditioning and styling for all types of hair

South Beach Style Haircare is a philosophy, a lifestyle and a movement.

The glory days of hair styling, when product lines were owned by cutting-edge, forward-thinking stylists and independent salons dominated the scene, is back!
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South Beach Style Haircare combines the best of the earth and sea for the best in haircare. Indulge at home or ask for our products at your salon!